Monday, July 30, 2012

Internet Companies Censoring America

CENSORSHIP: I followed a link I placed at FB to one of my Blogger blogs and found a message saying "Warning. This site might be dangerous for your computer." I hope to sue some of these Internet companies that censor the Human Rights for Prisoners March that I participate in online. Just keep it up, fascists! You prove yourselves to have a slave master mentality and zero integrity every day and help more people to wake up. My articles are published in Google blogs, one of the most trusted companies on the Internet. The only thing they endanger is fraud against American people who want and deserve JUSTICE FOR ALL. Do you use McAfee for virus protection? If you find that your virus protection software is used for censoring human rights news, will you continue downloading it? Would you wonder what other services your antivirus software company is performing for fascists when you upload their products on your computers? NWO INTERNET RATING COMPANIES: Count the cost before you put "warning" messages at my blogs. Ask The Cochran Firm if it is worth it . If you need to "rate" my blogs, do that. Since they are Google blogs, rate them "safe." I first encountered this type of censorship when I visited Indy Media. Instead of the site opening, a big warning message filled my screen saying the site could harm my computer. See an article about Willie Lynch advising slave owners in Virginia that they had to control their slaves' communication: "LYNCHING AMERICA," by Mary Neal . While certain representatives in Washington continue trying to pass oppressive Internet censorship bills (SOPA, PIPA, now CISPA), some Internet companies censor human rights news by putting danger warnings on people's blogs and preventing targeted writers' work from benefiting from boosting services like Newsvine. See proof at "Mary Neal Targeted for Censorship at Newsvine" . Do you believe anyone has free speech in the USA if they protest slavery? New World Orderlies need to get out of the Internet business. Suppressing freedom of expression online is the 21st century equivalent to Nazi book burning. GOOGLE, please note that my AdSense ads running at this "Justice Gagged" blog and my "Mary Loves Justice" blog looks different from other AdSense blogs I see online. The top link is black and not in color like the links are all over the web. Please check for cyberstalkers' codes. These New World Orderlies will do anything to hide the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal and continue to deprive my family of income to punish us for asking "WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?" and for advocating an end to mass incarceration, capital punishment, and using the mentally ill as commodities for private prisons. I advise everyone to take their human rights struggles to the street and use print media for communication as much as possible. Fascists have too many ways of limiting your human rights advocacy online. See "INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE" at this link .  Thank God for EFF, Sen. Wyden, and other organizations and officials who help protect America from NAZIS.

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