Saturday, July 7, 2012

Angry White Mob Attacks Black FL Family

PARAGRAPH 1 OF 4 -- RACISM AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS IS RUNNING AMOK IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM UNDER ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER. (Five(5) link, four(4) numbered paragraphs are in this brief report. Please count). A white mob descended on black family in their home. Florida police arrested Eric Oliver, 18, for assault when he fought back. This is not a story from the 1940's. It happened in 2012!
Eric Oliver - Arrested for Resisting a Mob

PARAGRAPH 2 OF 4 -- Police reportedly refused to accept any complaints from Oliver's family about the trespassers who came on their property cussing and threatening the family, including Oliver's wheelchair-bound mother, or the mob's attack on Oliver's Hispanic friend who was visiting their home: 16-year-old Mikey Vasquez. Blacks are not allowed to stand their ground in Florida even against an angry mob. Read about Eric Oliver's case at this link Activists discussed details about the mob violence and wrongful arrest of Eric Oliver on a Blogtalk Radio Show tonight called "I Will Surprise You." Malcolm X's grandson, Shabazz, and I were prevented from speaking on the show by the nation's Internet censorship force. Listen to Blogtalk's archived tape at the next link IF they let you (cell phone users, please select "go to page 1" to see what censorship hides) Short left the show to try to get Shabazz on the line through a three-way call, then Short was not allowed back on the show until I complained at FB, Google+, and Twitter.

PARAGRAPH 3 OF 4 -- When the host kept complaining about noises and I recognized Short was prevented from speaking further, I tweeted Electronic Frontier Foundation at @EFF. That organization monitors Internet freedom of press abuses. Short was giving background information about President Obama and AG Holder when the show started experiencing significant interference. Naturally, the censorship force did not want me on the show to tell about my handicapped brother's murder while under secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail and the fact that the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) helps the jail to cover-up the lynching. See "Wrongful Death of Larry" at this link . Therefore, I was kept off the show. Five(5) links are in this brief report about censorship against Mary Neal and other African Americans to prevent any criticism about rampant violence against blacks in the USA and denial of equal justice by the USDOJ. I suppose the idea of having Randy Short, Mary Neal, and Shabazz on the same Blogtalk show caused the censorship force great anxiety. We'll do it another time, perhaps.

PARAGRAPH 4 OF 4 -- Advocacy article against racism by Mary Neal, co-director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (the cyberstalkers took over, so they must be the directors now) If you do not see five(5) links and four(4) numbered paragraphs in this report, or if the censorship force prevents your access to data at the links, or if they refuse to allow you to listen to the Blogtalk broadcast, report the problem to the USDOJ at - the agency that is supposed to uphold our constitutional rights.

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