Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Billie Allen - Condemned Man

Billie Allen - Condemened Man 
(three(3) numbered paragraphs, two(2) links, and two(2) photos)

I cannot tell if Allen is pursuing DNA tests from the information at his petition. The petition sponsor points the public to a Facebook page that supposedly carries twelve pages of information, but the Facebook page seems to be unavailable. I am against capital punishment in any event, so I signed the petition and relay to you in this article the cyberstalking I experienced.


Paragraph 1 of 3 --- As I reported to you on June 11, 2012, when I tried to sign the petition for condemned man Billie Allen, I reached a lying page at Change.org saying "Change.org is Down for Maintenance." See attached print screen shot. Today I was allowed to sign Billie Allen's petition, but Change.org put a message saying "You have reached your sharing limit today," and I have not shared any petitions with friends today. Change.org is a fraud or it has very poor security. See the second attached print screen shot for proof. Billie Allen's petition is cyberstalked. See his petition at this link http://www.change.org/petitions/the-1st-federal-dna-evidence-of-wrongful-conviction-each-signature-counts-2 Please sign it, if they let you. Billie Allen's petition is called "The 1st federal DNA evidence of wrongful conviction: * Each signature counts.*" Unfortunately, prison investors have the means to hire many cyberstalkers, and they make more money for condemned inmates. I sent a copy of the email to many justice advocates, including the Innocence Project. Hopefully, they will receive the emails. My advocacy for human rights for prisoners made me America's most censored person.

Paragraph 2 of 3 --- I had trouble with that petition site before. Please post Billie Allen's petition with another service, not Change.org or Care2. See what happened to my Change.org petition regarding a new investigation into MacPhail's death to exonerate Troy Davis post mortem, called "Davis MacPhail Truth Committee Petition" http://dmtruth.blogspot.com/2012/04/davis-macphail-truth-committee-petition.html - I posted the petition for Officer MacPhail's death to be investigated again by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the United States Department of Justice, because the police investigation that led to Troy Davis's conviction and execution was faulty. I posted the petition at Change.org on November 13, 2011, but it was dated at Change.org as September 21, 2011. That meant most people reasonably believed it to be a petition to save Troy Davis, which it was already too late to do in November when my petition went online. They did not know this was a petition to investigate MacPhail's murder and possibly issue Troy Davis a post mortem exoneration, because Change.org dated it wrong.

Paragraph 3 of 3 --- The sabotaged petition for Billie Allen made three strikes on Change.org petitions regarding condemned people:1) Troy Davis petition was mis-dated, I was denied the option to post a photo or video; 2) Billie Allen's petition led to "Change.org is Down for Maintenance" on June 11, 2012; and 3) Billie Allen's petition had a message that I could not share with friends because I had reached a sharing limit (which must be zero, since I shared no petitions today). Therefore, I suggest that prisoner activists, especially for condemned persons, find a more honest petition site or one with better security, whichever the case may be. (There should be three(3) numbered paragraphs, two(2) links, and two(2) photos in this article. Cyberstalkers did something to the links. They should be blue, but on my view they are gray. They are hired to help prison investors and executioners keep their crimes under cover and continue to victimize people with wrongful convictions and executions.) Blessings!

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Mary Neal said...

I started a new Justice Gagged blog three times regarding President Obama's June 25 executive order freezing Russian assets, but stalkers won't let it post. That cannot be top secret news or I would not know it. However, I did not see it on the news this week, did you?