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Justice Gagged re HubPages

(nine paragraphs, nine links, and signature block)   Question:  Is the First Amendment still viable, or has it been reduced to an arbitrary privilege that elitists grant or withhold, depending on whether citizens say "yessa, boss" in deferential tones as suits the "slave class" in America?  I tried to post that question at my Google Blogger Help forum, but it was rejected, hopefully by Cyberdogs and not Google itself.  We will all be deep in the End Game if the giant Google ever aligns itself against free speech considering its vast capabilities outlined by its former CEO.  Google is like Santa Claus:  "It knows when you are sleeping; it knows when you're awake; it knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!"  My latest Blogger Help Forum request is at this link:

I enjoy writing at HubPages and have published numerous articles there (link to Mary Neal's HubPages articles is in my signature block below).  The only reason I do not publish there more often is the restriction against listing URLs in ones' Hubs, although I understand the restriction is not censorship, but it is intended to keep readers at HubPages and not direct traffic away from the site.  The only problem I have had so far happened when HubPages editors unpublished my article entitled "Juvenile Justice: Kids 4 Cash."  I published it in my MaryLovesJustice blog at this link:  - The article discusses two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in March 2011 for justices to decide if American children can be interrogated at their schools by police officers in the absence of parental knowledge, an attorney, a warrant, or a Miranda warning that anything the children say can and will be used against them in courts of law.  I did not and still do not find anything in my article that would justify it being unpublished, and I invite you to read it and give your opinion on the article.  Cyberstalkers also attacked the Juvenile Justice article when I published it in the MaryLovesJustice blog by making the font black in certain parts of the article, necessitating that people highlight those parts to read about a seventh-grader who was tried and sentenced as an adult under the circumstances listed above and a 14-year-old who was executed in South Carolina.  I feel that American parents and the entire village have a right and a responsibility to know about laws under consideration that affect our children, and all minors are our children.

Today, I commented on an article by an excellent writer I follow at HubPages.  His article called Hating and loving – a meditation on attachment and non-attachment is about forgiveness (that should be a link to the article by tonymac04).  My comment is being held for approval.  Since this comment like the Juvenile Justice article HubPages editors unpublished deals largely with the prison industrial complex, I decided to share it here in my JusticeGagged blog just in case.  See the comment below:

As a Christian, I agree that forgiveness is imperative to the offended as well as the offender.  Holding grudges is offensive to God and eliminates one's opportunity to be forgiven for sins, according to the Word. However, God outlined steps to address offenses by one's brother:  1.  Go to the brother in private and complain about the offense.  If he fails to do justice, then  2.  Take the offender before the Church.  If he fails to do justice, then  3.  Take the offender to court.

Righteous people, such as prophets, were judges over Israel.  Therefore, the Bible does not address what to do if judges are secretly aligned with oppressors.

The Bible says that we must forgive 70 times 7 . . . for the identical offense.  Whew!  That is unlimited forgiveness.  However, the process implies that persons asking for forgiveness are sorry about the transgression and repentant.  When we ask God for forgiveness, He is able to discern the sincerity of the person making the petition.  As humans, we do not have that ability.  What we must do is observe actions that follow apologies, such as the apologies by the United States Congress for slavery and Jim Crow.  Those apologies were given in midst of ongoing slavery via the prison industrial complex where 1 in 9 young black men under the age of 34 is incarcerated.  Many prisoners in America work up to seven days a week on jobs that were outsourced to prisons by state and federal governments and Fortune 500 companies that avoid unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws.

Rather than repenting for previous slavery, the prison industrial complex is intended to grow.  Laws are being considered that, if they pass, will criminalize many more minority people in America.  For instance, see my HubPages article entitled "NAACP vs. Black Cigarette Smokers."  The former association for the advancement of colored people petitioned Congress to outlaw menthol in cigarettes, which is the kind used by 80% of black smokers.  The law would apply almost exclusively to black people who use nicotine, one of the most addictive drugs in the world.  If it passes, the expensive War on Drugs would expand and hundreds of thousands more nonviolent offenders who are black would become "criminals" overnight and be subject to imprisonment like 2.3 million other Americans and immigrants.  Tough new immigration laws are also contested.  They propose imprisoning illegal immigrants in America rather than sending so many able-bodied potential prison laborers back to their own countries.  Considering the high incarceration rate, especially among blacks, and laws being considered to increase the number of black prison slaves, many people cannot believe in the sincerity of the Congressional apology for slavery.  Therefore, I do not believe it is wrong or evidence of holding a grudge to reject the apology for slavery and Jim Crow.  Google for an article I wrote during March 2011, the month when Troy Davis' appeal was rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court, entitled "Empty Graves: Jim Crow and Jesus."

Thank you for another well-written article.  Forgiveness is good for the soul like laughter.  It will be wonderful when/if forgiveness is deserved one day by cessation of [systemic] discrimination and recompense for previous wrongs, which is also Godly.

That ended my comment at HubPages, which I think should post.  See also "Justice Gagged re Facebook, Justice Gagged re Twitgoo, Justice Gagged re Christianity, and Justice Gagged re Sick Vets.  I have to list my entries as I publish articles because otherwise, they may disappear on my blog's index and your browser may skip them.  Asking people to treat others like they want to be treated is censored now as it was 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked among us.  Please TRY to follow me at Twitter, where I am @koffietime


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