Thursday, April 7, 2011

Justice Gagged re Facebook

(3 paragraphs, 7 links besides those appearing in 22 FB entries and comments below) 

UPDATE: FEB. 29, 2012  --  Today I have a FAKE FB page. First, I saw the same friends' posts that I saw on top several days ago when I was last at my home page. None of my groups and notifications are allowed to load. When I went out and came back to the home page, I only saw about ten of my friends' posts on the home page.. I do not know how long ago they posted those, because they are not dated. I then tried to view my FB emails, and I was DISALLOWED to see them. No access to my notifications, no access to my emails at FB.  I am the most censored woman in the world

That came AFTER I contested my Google+ profile being sabotaged - hidden so that people only have access to my Google+ posts page, not my acutal profile that allows visitors to see my Google+ photo gallary and links to other sites. See "WHY is Mary Neal's Google+ Profile Hidden and Substituted with my Google+ posts only?"!category-topic/google-plus-discuss/fix/79_NAeyS5LI
It is hard to believe that I get so few comments on Facebook posts if they really go to over 200 friends and are visible to the public on my Profile page as they should be.  We will check.  Cyberdogs are able to rig computer-specific views.  Associated Press reported in 2010 that the FBI is on Facebook.  Unfortunately, when I post to my own FB wall, the posts do not automatically post on my homepage as they should, so I assume those posts do not go to my friends' walls either.  See this link regarding the Associated Press report:  - See Mary Neal's FB profile page at this link .  I accept all friendship invitations that are allowed to reach me.  When I sent friendship invitations to my Yahoo email list last month, none arrived at my various email boxes that are on my Yahoo email list, so I assume few went to the thousands of individuals and members of Yahoo Groups I joined.  Just for trying to invite my Yahoo friends, however, FB temporarily suspended my ability to invite friends. I can now invite friends on a one-by-one basis, but mass invitations are disallowed censored people.  Below are 22 entries and comments on my FB wall as they appear on my PC.  I have significant interference republishing my tweets since I discovered in 2010 that my view of my @koffietime Twitter profile page differs from the public's view, which omitted tweets.  Being censored is frustrating, but interesting. I have learned much about the online InfoWar and will share it in this blog as I do at and and other sites.  Please see the next entries herein:  Justice Gagged re Twitgoo, Justice Gagged re Christianity, and Justice Gagged re Sick Vets.

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