Wednesday, March 16, 2016

They're Lazy

Whenever I am prevented from responding to friends and members of my audience at a particular social media site, I seek another place online to respond. When names cannot link in my responses, I presume that hackers plan to prevent the addressee from receiving my response. That is the case with this Facebook comment and my response. The writer has bought into the "they are lazy" lie regarding persons who qualify for government benefits, and I replied. Her statement and my reply are below.

Chilly Lilly Welfare reform isn't so bad cuz when started there were ppl just laying back doing nothing just getting da check to survive cuz of course u can't live well wit wat they give. Even thou i dont agree wit all da reform rules but some abusive lazy ppl it help learn no one lives for free everyone should no its something for something not something for nothing we not born rich that we get n we dont have to do nothing really welfare or government really dont have to give us nothing!!!!!! If u want trump he'll just dump u to salvery all ova again he's for rich n white!!!! Wake-up!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Mary Neal Chilly Lilly, there are many fewer "lazy" people than you think. Most people want good jobs and stable incomes -- that they work for -- rather than government handouts. Of course, you know employment is difficult to obtain in an atmosphere where millions of jobs are being outsourced so that corporations can take advantage of cheap labor in foreign countries and U.S. prisons. Here is an example of a lie refuted: Food Stamp Myths
With my response, I shared the truth about food stamp recipients. See the chart below:
Americans sound ridiculous complaining about families receiving financial assistance while wealthy corporations get huge bailouts. From the way some taxpayers complain about helping the needy, one might believe they expect a tax rebate. Wrong. Any money that is saved by withholding benefits to indigent families goes to manufacture and purchase military equipment. Military equipment not used by the U.S. is sold to foreign countries or given to foreign groups (including some that our own soldiers are fighting), or it is given to police departments in the U.S. I would prefer to buy FOOD NOT BOMBS.

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