Sunday, March 27, 2016

Executions of Mentally Ill Americans Censored

We are discussing capital punishment at my Facebook page. I am an anti-DP advocate and believe executions must end in the USA. This is particularly true for mentally ill Americans like Adam Ward, a 33-year-old bipolar man who Texas executed on Tuesday, March 22. The Huffington Post recently ran a story entitled "Bernie Sanders Speaks Out Against The Death Penalty After Hillary Clinton Stands By It." Senator Sanders said, "I believe it is time for the United States of America to join almost every other Western, industrialized country on Earth in saying NO to the death penalty."

When people enter controversial comments on my Facebook page and stalkers prevent their names from linking in my response, I feel that my response is censored. Sometimes I then enter said responses in an article in this "Justice Gagged" blog. I learned long ago that the hackers work for executioners, racists, and Nazis. The people, organizations, and topics I was writing to or about when I was most harshly censored may be surprising, including the NAACP, the national adult vaccination plan, Christianity, and Michelle Obama. Anti-dp language is always certain to be censored, which is why I usually run a separate digital camera when dealing with that subject online. My films will be made available to purchase for a nominal fee at CreateSpace. Americans should know which subjects are considered exempt from free speech protections by elitist Nazis.

My response below to Terry Harris would not link her name, although I tried multiple times. See part of the conversation below. You can read the entire discussion at my Facebook page, link

Terry Harris I feel horrible about mental illness, however if they kill then they should be executed like everyone else!
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Walt Stawicki i don't know where to start ripping that one apart.
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Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Define "everyone else," please, Terry Harris. Then please cite a case where a murderous #police officer or wealthy person was #executed in the USA. Thanks.

We congratulate Bernie Sanders and everyone who feels the bern on our victories in Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii. We urge officials everywhere to say DEATH to the death penalty.

Mary Neal,, (678)531-0262
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