Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stop lying on President and Attorney General

Response to WND article at

President Obama and Attorney General Holder are NOT racially prejudice in favor of blacks, and people need to stop making such wild accusations in the face of all they do for wealthy Caucasians. Didn't they go to court and stop the Fair Sentencing Act from being applied retroactively to help prison investors? Didn't the president help enable bailouts to major corporations and banks without demanding that banks give any consideration to homeowners? Don't they allow police officers to continue killing blacks and browns wholesale without doing much to demand accountability? They refuse to give my family any records about Larry Neal's secret arrest and lynching in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, because doing so would expose the Department of Justice to criticism. The USDOJ was in overview of Shelby County Jail at the time of my mentally, physically disabled brother's kidnapping, murder and subsequent cover-up there, and this administration does not do anything that might embarrass the Bush administration. I really cannot see how President Obama and Atty. Gen. Holder could do more to prove their disloyalty to African Americans and their loyalty to big business, so it is time for people to STOP falsely accusing them.

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