Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shannon Nyamodi's Mother Elizabeth Crudup Beaten, Arrested

Shannon Nyamodi's mother, Elizabeth Crudup, stands in the prison industrial complex's way of gobbling up her son on false criminal charges. She continually goes on radio talk shows, attends political meetings, and speaks to citizen journalists (mainstream news is not interested) about Shannon's innocence and the torture her teenager suffers in solitary confinement in Franklin County, North Carolina to force a plea deal that his devious attorney, Maitri (MIke) Klinkosum, and the prosecutor apparently agreed will resolve Shannon's case. Therefore, on Friday, March 14, Elizabeth Crudup was removed from her car by three Dunn, North Carolina police officers on the private lot of Holiday Inn, where she and a friend had driven for a meeting, and Crudup was severely beaten and arrested. As the police officer beat her, Crudup reports that he said, "So you think you're an attorney, huh?" Click the photograph below for a larger version:

Call (347) 857-3293 to discuss the Shannon Nyamodi case on "Human Rights for Prisoners March" a 3pm EST Sunday, March 16. We may be joined by Shannon's mother Elizabeth Crudup, if she is able.
The Blogtalkradio broadcast will be archived at the link above and available for public listening.

The system of indentured servitude and slavery was never been abolished in the United States. The prison industrial complex is sovereign. It is protected by the government as one of America's leading industries. The nation's citizens are its most valuable possessions. They must serve the country as taxpayers, military troops, or as prisoners. Inmates are human commodities who keep the prison industry viable. Their prison sentences and the products they produce as slaves are used as collateral for loans and are traded on Wall Street.

Working class and poor Americans are considered to be in a slave pool, especially African Americans. Whenever the prison industrial complex desires new slaves, it sends out its fishermen to draw in fresh citizens, whether or not they have committed crimes. Prisoners in U.S. correctional facilities are treated brutally, tortured and murdered. There is little to no legal recourse for victims and their families. People who object to prisoner abuse and murders are subject to censorship, intimidation, police beatings and murder. Americans are not allowed to expose and oppose systemic racism, class consciousness, and brutality to handicapped citizens while the U.S. is on the world stage as a proponent of human rights.

We the People are falsely presented to the world as being "free" people. History books and mainstream media tend to ignore and omit evidence to the contrary, and government goons in NSA and police departments silence dissenters through censorship and intimidation, arrests and malicious prosecution, or murder.

On August 16, 2012, the prison industrial complex and judicial system it uses to draw in a fresh catch opened its wide mouth and swallowed the son of Elizabeth Crudup, Shannon Nyamodi. Elizabeth Crudup responded like most Americans do, thinking that release for her teenage son would depend on proving his innocence. This belief is the result of a lifetime of indoctrination through watching television programs like "Perry Mason," "Columbo," "Cops," and many others. Over half of America's movies and television programs have to do with crime and punishment that support the misinformation that innocence and guilt matter. Newspapers and mainstream news programs further "prove" the lie.

Americans read and watch news about the court process and assume that they, too, have the right to a fair, public trial by jury while represented by competent defense counsel. The truth is very different. The Sixth Amendment was virtually set aside for most U.S. prisoners. They were forced to accept plea deals that bypass trials on the criminal charges that rendered them prison slaves. Outlandish bonds are set to ensure that people who are "innocent until proved guilty in courts of law" remain behind bars until a mythical trial date that never arrives. Therefore, prosecutors levy whatever charges they desire on American citizens, knowing they will not be required to defend the charges in public trials.

Rather than gather evidence as portrayed on television crime shows, prosecutors continually threaten to triple accused people's sentences if they exercise their right to trials. Jailers ensure that inmates awaiting trials fully understand how torturous their incarceration will be. Defense attorneys often join in the intimidation. Months and sometimes years pass before imprisoned defendants are given a trial date. That time is spent enforcing a plea bargain. Broken prisoners are made to sign false confessions that eliminate the necessity of proving the allegations in trials. The prison industrial complex gobbles up the self-admitted criminals, burps, and picks its teeth.

The prosecutor puts more notches on his belt, reviews his prison investment portfolio, and ascends to a judge's seat. Wrongfully convicted prisoners, their families, and supporters still don't realize what happened. They continually publish websites and gather evidence to prove the inmates are actually innocent - as though anyone in the injustice system cares. The U.S. Supreme Court has never found that courts must consider post-conviction evidence of actual innocence, and they very seldom do. Occasionally, an actually innocent American is released from prison after much effort that takes years and often decades, but that only fuels the lie that innocence matters. Between five thousand and ten thousands wrongful convictions occur in the United States annually, but media focuses on the handful of wrongfully convicted people whose sentences are overturned.

Shannon Nyamodi is still alive, but he is traumatized. According to data released by researchers, his brain has been changed physiologically by solitary confinement torture, but he has made no false confessions. While this black youth yet breathes, while his mother and chief advocate is still living, it is time now for the community to rise up and STAND for justice. Demand justice for Shannon Nyamodi and for every American. Stand for the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to be actually enforced in the United States and not merely used to impress foreign countries about rights that working class and indigent Americans do not really have.

"All we say to America is, 'Be true to what you said on paper.'" ~Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Neal, director
Human Rights for Prisoners March

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I.N. Turrner said...

So this case is about 4 years old and I was just following up. So it appears that Shannon is still being held on the plantation. I saw his profile on and it's sad to see he gleefully writes that he's 'never been with a black woman' in his life and still doesn't seem to make the connection that that's probably WHY he's sitting where he is--along with the fact they have probably been experimenting on him with only God knows what. Anyway, wish this could have turned out differently for him but I have a sneaky suspicion that he may be pretty brainwashed and oblivious to the realities of the US plantation system and the bait & switch lie that is the 13th amendment.