Saturday, October 26, 2013

IRP6, What Color is the American Dream?

I met some people recently with a story that is almost as censored as mine is: the IRP6. They are six software company executives whose company was raided by the FBI, and they were arrested and wrongly convicted. I wrote about them in my "Human Rights for Prisoners March" blog. They are having difficulty with their appeal. The court will not release their full trial transcript. Their company was on track to sell the Government software that could link communication for law enforcement agencies, Homeland Security, etc. Instead of being awarded a contract worth a billion dollars or more after revealing their software capabilities to the Government, their business was raided, and the executives were jailed. It seems like a modern Tulsa Wall Street episode.

WHAT COLOR IS THE AMERICAN DREAM? Business warfare against six software executives - five blacks and one white. Website ~~ Video

I tried to post the trailer to a documentary that will be released about IRP6 on my Google+ wall, and boy! First, it said Google+ was busy. I opened it in a new tab and posted the video, but it would not actually post when I hit "submit." Earlier tonight I had to descramble a Captcha code to post about IRP6 at Facebook. The executives claim there is a media blackout surrounding their case, and I believe it based on my experience. I wrote about them because being allowed to prove one's innocence is a human right that every defendant and inmate should have. See the video embedded below, and read about the case at
"Six Software Company Execs Wrongly Convicted - IRP6"

Add organ thefts and HIV tests to the taboo subjects. That was being discussed last night on the NNIA Blogtalkradio show with Dr. Harris and a guest, YeYe. Young men are being found dead with their organs missing. YeYe is a health care professional, and she shared information about African Americans having been stolen and their organs used for research back in the 1900's. She told us about Henrietta Lacks, a young wife and mother who contracted cervical cancer and whose tissue was covertly removed while being treated in the "colored" section of John Hopkins Hospital in the 1950s. Her cells are still useful to the medical profession. The trouble started when I inquired about HIV tests. President Obama issued an Executive Order stating that everyone between ages 15 and 65 must be given an HIV test by doctors under the Affordable Care Act. Immediately, my phone went dead. Dr. Harris and the guest could hear each other - I heard them speak to each other on the archived tape. But I could not hear anything at all. I told CoIntelPro that the Executive Order is not a state secret. It was published widely. Then they let me back on the show. Listen at

It is no longer enough to censor stories about injustice from mainstream news outlets, because people increasingly rely on the Internet to be informed about current events. Therefore, covert Internet censorship is used to protect secret abuses of power including racism and murders in America, particularly regarding African American targets. It seems that some new program has replaced the FBI's CoIntelPro program against social justice for minorities. Many people do not know that NDAA not only provides for concentration camps in the USA, but it also provides for cyber war powers. That brings us to the National Security Agency (NSA). Did you think they only watch?

Do you protest NSA surveillance and censorship? 

On October 26, 2013, thousands of protesters met in Washington and other American cities to stop NSA spying. The video from the protest is featured at a website called "STOP WATCHING US" at , along with an invitation to be notified of future protests: "Message 'Privacy' to 877877 using mobile SMS and we'll get in touch when it's time for action again." A report on the rally was carried by The Guardian. An excerpt is below:

Thousands gather in Washington for anti-NSA 'Stop Watching Us' rally
Statement from whistleblower Edward Snowden read to crowd featuring groups from left and right of political spectrum

Billed by organizers as "the largest rally yet to protest mass surveillance," Stop Watching Us was sponsored by an unusually broad coalition of left- and right-wing groups, including everything from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Green Party, Color of Change and Daily Kos to the Libertarian Party, FreedomWorks and Young Americans for Liberty.

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