Friday, August 9, 2013

Police Services and NSA re Elder's Sex Aubse

Hattie Neal in her bedroom's hospital bed where our stalkers' nurse impostor 
sexually assaulted the 90-yr-old mother of Larry Neal

I sent Det. K.W. Moore the information in the email copied below on July 4. I never heard back from him. I put in a call to him today when I searched for the email and the email did not respond to my search. I called police, and then the email suddenly reappeared in my email box. It regards the sex assault done on my 90-yr-old mother by a woman who came to my home posing as a nurse from my mother's home health company. First, DeKalb County Police Department refused to take the report on my mother's abuse, just as they refused at first to take a police report on our home burglary in August 2012. Then I wrote to Congressman Hank Johnson and to Senator Chambliss and asked why my home is refused police services. Then a police officer came to take our report, but he refused to take the IP addresses of the individuals who take over our computer and the tag number for an individual who admitted he stalks me for hire. As far as I know, monitoring our computers and telephones was the only way for the nurse impostor to know my mom used home health services. The service had just started.

Detective Moore came to my house on the one and only day that I was away from home out of 30 days, and I sent him this email so he would have the info to work with, but I received no response to date. I believe the nurse impersonator came with a poison suppository to kill my mother. I took a picture of a navy blue vehicle exactly like the one the fake nurse was in parked at a neighbor's home. It is a Toyota. (If you read my articles, you know about my "neighbors".)

I cannot make police respond to crimes done against my family. I cannot make the United States Department of Justice respond to our Freedom of Information Act requests with records and answers regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal. I cannot make NSA or whomever takes over our computers and telephones STOP doing it. I cannot stop malicious prosecution of relatives, burglaries on my home to remove Neals v. The Cochran Firm records, stalking, spraying big chemtrail "X"s over our house (see it in the next article in JusticeGagged), outlining our home with paint for harassment by plane, and many other crimes. But THEY WILL NOT DO IT SECRETLY. The worse the retribution gets, the LOUDER our complaints will become.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: MaryLovesJustice Neal <>
Date: Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 10:18 AM
Subject: Elder Abuse

Hello, Det. Moore. As I told you on the phone, individuals who I suspect sent the fake nurse knew about my mother using home health services because they monitor our phone calls and computer messages. If you check these IP addresses and this tag number, you may find people who sent the woman who falsely presented herself as being a nurse from my mother's home health company. The IP addresses and telephone number belong to individuals who hacked into our electronic communication. The car tag was on a car driven by a young black man who admitted he was "paid well" to stalk me. Other than family members, the surveillance team members are the only people who knew about Mama having home health care. She had only had the service for about a week.

June 2011: I made a police report about the young man who admitted to being one of my stalkers along with the car tag: GA BKP8027 (Case No. 11-070074).

July 2011: IE Sent Data to Remote Host; IE Sent Data to Remote Host; IE Sent Data to Remote Host; and Application "SYSTEM" sent data to Remote Host

March 2013:
We detected a login into your account from an unrecognized device on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 12:34pm.
Operating System: Unknown
Browser: Unknown
Location: Dallas, TX, US (IP=

Friday, March 22, 2013 at 2:14am: We (Facebook) detected a login into your account from a new device named "Ex: my phone or my computer"
Operating System: Unknown
Browser: Unknown
Location: Dallas, TX, US (IP=

Most Recent Telephone Takeover: My daughter called her husband's number to ask that he return home from work early, and a stalker messaged her back and said, "OK, sweetie" from xxxxxx. She saved the messages to/from this individual on her phone, in case you wish to see them. A stalker also assigned himself co-administrator on her phone from

[We later discovered that "OK, sweetie" message was to a group mail and legitimate.]

We have other IP addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the stalkers, but these should be enough for you to investigate and hopefully find out who employed the "nurse." In my opinion, these crimes also relate to our home burglary in August 2012, when nothing was stolen but my court records and hardcopy evidence related to Neals v. The Cochran Firm, for which my mother was a plaintiff. The "nurse" visited my mother when that case was cited in litigation against The Cochran Firm in California: McMurray v. The Cochran Firm.

The woman who played the "nurse" was a black person, approx. 5'7" tall, with dark brown skin. She seemed to have a medium build, roughly 150 pounds. She looked like she was between 30 and 45 years of age. She seemingly wore her hair without artificial hair added, and it was pulled back. She drove a navy blue vehicle that she seemed uncomfortable driving, as though she was not the owner. She took a long time to park, because she did not handle the vehicle well. She spoke with a Caribbean or African accent, although it could have been contrived. She wore a scrub top and regular pants.

If you have any questions, please call me at 678.531.0262. If you get the voice mail instead of me, please know that the stalkers may erase your message. In fact, you have no assurance that it will be anyone in my house that you speak with if you get a live person on the phone. Stalkers sometimes redirect my phone to ring at their locales rather than our home. Please confirm receipt.*
*If Det. Moore confirmed receipt, I did not receive same to my email box.

We Are Government CRIME VICTIMS, and we assert the following rights provided under U.S. Code 18, Section 3771:

Crime victims' rights means the eight rights which are included in Section 3771 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Crimes and Criminal Procedure. These rights are:
  • The right to be reasonably protected from the accused;
  • The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime or any release or escape of the accused;
  • The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at the proceeding;
  • The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, [or] sentencing, or any parole proceeding;
  • The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the government in the case;
  • The right to full and timely restitution as provided in law;
  • The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay, and
  • The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim's dignity and privacy.
For purposes of these rights and services, victims are defined in specific ways in the law.
U.S. Code is also violated when citizens are retaliated against for engaging in any activity protected by the U.S. Constitution, such as using freedom of press ad free speech to seek justice after the secret arrest and murder of a loved one and exposing other such crimes. Unfortunately, when it comes to using laws to protect Americans' rights, especially for black people, America might as well be lawless.


RW said...

I have sent many officials proof of crime done by the people that are place in our system who say we are there to protect and serve, I have sent it to their overseer;s as well as to the media one of the investigators told me in one case; that they knew the persons and they would not cover the story guess what all of them 2, 5, 7, 10, 12, 45,and believe it or not so did congresswomen Jan Schakowsky and the list goes on America has been taken over

Mary Neal said...

I am not surprised, RW, and neither are many other people who are capable of critical thinking. It is interesting to consider the crimes that are committed and allowed by authorities - kidnapping, murder, elder sex abuse, stalking, terrorism, censorship - while U.S. jails hold hundreds of thousands of simple marijuana users. Thanks for commenting, RW.

Did you have to descramble a captcha code to comment, RW? That is a violation against my settings. I set my blogs so that there would be no captcha codes. I know they are actually used as gatekeepers sometimes. I have films of myself inputting the right capcha codes numerous times and yet being denied the right to comment. Google, could you please adjust that setting? Must be the stalkers again. Thanks.