Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mary Neal on "RealTalk1Dr" Blogtalkradio Show 5/8/13

Exciting news! Tonight I will be a guest on the "RealTalk1Dr" Blogtalkradio show with Rev. Floyd Harris, Jr. and Dr. Jean Kennedy on May 8, 2013 at 11pm Eastern. The call-in number is 619.393.2837. Use this link for the show
Hopefully, the Georgia CoIntelPro agents will let us have a fruitful program. They have gathered in a house close to mine, possibly to interfere with my phone signal. That is something they did often when I began my regular appearances on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalkradio Show on Sundays at 5:00pm Eastern. What makes me more exciting to CoIntelPro than other human rights advocates is probably the fact that my brother was secretly arrested for nearly three weeks and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003, and the United States Department of Justice refuses to recognize that Larry Neal had a right to life. My family is denied any accountability whatsoever for Larry's murder that happened in government custody in a jail that was already operating under USDOJ oversight after lawsuit by the USA for inmate abuse. In fact, it is an elaborate cover-up. We will discuss capital punishment with DNA tests denied and other injustices. 

The hosts are very admirable human rights advocates. See the Facebook page for Rev. Harris:
See the Facebook page for Dr. Jean Kennedy

Google their names for videos and California radio shows and to see some of the fights for human rights Rev. Harris has undertaken over the years. 

The second reason I am censored is to contain bad press about what is possibly a CoIntelPro law firm - The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. The lawyers there signed contract to be our wrongful death attorneys, but the firm worked for the jail behind our backs to help hide the death instead. Google "Cochran Firm Fraud" for more information on this 21st century lynching that has accessories after the fact that you might not expect. Censorship is applied to prevent disclosure.

"RealTalk1Dr" already has its own censorship drama, I discovered last night. I met Rev. Harris on Facebook, and he invited me to listen to some of the pre-recorded shows archived at BlogtalkRadio. I listened to the show recorded on December 22, 2012, but not without problems. The cyber stalkers (I don't think it was Blogtalk or Google) put on my screen a cartoon figure of a man saying that listening to that show would hurt my computer. That is how I knew I was in for some good news for justice at "Keeping It Real." I copied the cartoon and dropped it into an email screen. The cartoon did not show up, but all of this did:

[Message clipped]  View entire message

Oh, well, the stalkers are here. They will not allow the computer codes to be copied into this blog. I will have to do it from another IP address. They take over whatever computer they know I use, and sometimes, they send people to follow me and report what computer I use at the library or at Kinko's FedEx. Those computers soon fall under remote access control, also. Try the "view entire message" link above and see what they let show, if anything.

I am America's most censored - Mary Neal. And apparently, from what happened last night and what I learned in a conversation with Dr. Kennedy this morning, other human rights activists experience CoIntelPro cyber stalking like I do, particularly blacks.

Listen to the show live tonight, if you can. If not, check the archives for the May 8, 2013 show. Use this link to access Part 1. Tune in May 9 for Part 2.

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