Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CoIntelPro ran Floyd Harris Jr Blogtalk 5/23/13

CoIntelPro is out of the closet. Stalkers scheduled the show and ran the board at the Rev. Floyd Harris Jr. Blogtalkshow tonight. Rev. Harris tried to schedule the show and was told it was already scheduled. The host username and password did not work for me. With no access to the control board, I was unable to enter information for the show or take calls from our guest or the listeners. When I decided to use the time on air to discuss the prison industrial complex, I was disconnected for approximately four minutes. After that, stalkers admitted our guest, Florence Mason. I had no capacity to admit her to the show, because I was not in charge of the board. CoIntelPro was. 

You can reach Ms. Mason at 732.248.9300 rm 251. She revealed her "strong-armed" eviction and alleged police brutality against her children, including an Autistic child of 14 and an 11-year-old. Listen to the entire 45 minutes of the Blogtalkradio show at the link below. Ignore pauses. 

This is mind-blowing. The eagle is upside down on the White House's Twitter page at @whitehouse. I don't know what that means, but I have never experienced censorship that was as overt as it was tonight.

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