Thursday, March 21, 2013

Release Reuters Editor Matthew Keys

THEY hacked Care2 ecards to censor Mary Neal as well as my Sharebook and Care2 News Network and took over Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at Care2 to stop advocacy for mentally ill prisoners, because they are prison investors. (Fifteen(15) links and no line spaces are in this article.) See video proof embedded below and at this YouTube link:
"H.R.619 Advocacy Censored at AIMI"
THEY hacked Google Chrome OS possibly to censor Mary Neal
THEY prevented me from having a Google Chrome toolbar when I used Microsoft Windows
THEY definitely hacked Facebook to censor Mary Neal 
From four to eight agents are IN my account when I use FB, according to FB security information. See an IP address for a stalker at this article. But Reuters' editor is under arrest and facing 25 years in prison, and Aaron Swartz died because of hacking convictions. Reuters editor Matthew Keys charged with aiding #Anonymous hackers | Read more:
There is apparently nobody to prosecute THEM, so they hack Americans all they want while arresting and killing my disabled brother Larry Neal as well as Kelly Thomas, Sean LeVert, and many others
+Reuters should announce an expose' on Hacking Mary Neal to Prevent Prisoner Advocacy, and that may induce THEM to release Matthew Keys.
Mary Neal, Director of
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee (anti-death penalty blog)
Exposed: FreeSpeakBlog
@koffietime at Twitter
Nearly every word was extremely hard to publish in all of my blogs and at Twitters due to continuous cyberstalking, and I have videos to prove it, despite BURGLARS who were hired to break into my home and remove files related to Neals v. The Cochran Firm in GA Superior Court and U.S. District Court, Northern Dist. of GA (fifteen(15) links and no line spaces are in this article). FREEDOM TO HACK should be a goose and gander type of thing. See below the video that proves I am hacked to prevent my making Americans aware of mentally ill inmates, who are sometimes abused and killed without intervention in U.S. prisons and jails - people who deserve hospitalization and/or community care for a health dysfunction, depending on their offenses and functionality.

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Mary Neal said...

So now they admitted hacking YOU and me and claimed it is "good for us." Have they released Matthew yet?