Monday, March 18, 2013

Bro. Maurice Muhammad on Blogtalk: Who Did That To You?

I plan never to be late to listen/comment at Brother Maurice Muhammad's Blogtalkradio show again. First, the recorded female voice announced "Blogtalkradio" and said if I wanted to be in the host's cue to press "1." Immediately, a man's recorded voice said, "The show is full," and the phone call was terminated. That happened twice. I have never been refused the opportunity to listen to a Blogtalkradio show before because it was "full." Have you? What is the limitation on the number of listeners? Of course, I will read Blogtalkradio's information before I call the company.

Enjoy and learn by listening to Bro. Maurice Muhammad's show, "Who Did That to You?" Live broadcasts are from 6:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Today's show is at this link is:
I must listen to that archived show to see if there was a guest the stalkers may want me not to know.

Bro. Maurice is on Google+, where he hosts interesting and enlightening "hangouts" (live video conferences)

Bro. Maurice is an administrator over the website for and by African Americans called, "Hour Time Now" at this link

Check Bro. Maurice out at Facebook and Twitter (@mmuhammad95).


Maurice Muhammad said...

Praise be to Allah! Thank you so much Sister Mary for this beautiful right up! It's an Honor to be linked to you and to know you. Mary we are born into this world to fight this enemy and deliver our people from the grip of Satan! And deliver them to the promised land. When you have so many enemies that are up to no damn good, know that you are doing the work of God, you are working the work of Jesus he said that greater enemies you will have then he! You Sister Mary Neal have picked up your cross and are following in the footsteps of Jesus The Christ!

Mary Neal said...

Thank you for your comment, Bro. Maurice. Your words are very affirming.