Monday, February 25, 2013

Google Chromebook (Samsung) Questions

MaryLovesJustice Neal
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Google Chromebook (Samsung) Questions:
I bought a Google Chromebook (Samsung). It is a nice computer, but I listed TEN(10) questions below. I suspect some of the issues I am having may be caused by stalkers:

(1) How do I get the Google Chrome toolbar? I thought I would automatically have it. Do I need to download it? I read instructions that said the wrench would automatically be in the toolbar's right corner, and it is not. Is the wrench an app that I have to get from Google Apps? If I need to download the Chrome toolbar, please provide the link for the download for Chromebook Samsung.
(2) Reserved for a future question.
(3) When I open a new tab, I should see my most recently visited or most used sites on the new tab page. Instead, I see sites that were visited only once about a week ago. I cannot apply the steps to get rid of them without the wrench, as far as I know. Is there another way to remove shortcuts to sites I shall never use again?
(4) At the Facebook icon on my "new tab" page, it says Facebook has four windows open, and I should have none. This persists even when I log out of Facebook and shut down completely. I have logged out at Facebook and do not plan to return for a long time. As I wrote this question, the icon for Facebook disappeared on my "new tab" page. How do I close all windows? (I restored the computer to factory defaults using that option in "Advanced Settings," but I would prefer not to have to do that again to close Facebook.)
(5) Where should I look for the model number of the computer. I need the model number to ask questions at Samsung.
(6) Can I get my full list of Google bookmarks back without knowing the password I used before? My home was burglarized by thieves working for The Cochran Firm or prison investors or the government in August, and they stole only my address book with my passwords and two boxes of court records and evidence of fraud related to my lawsuits against The Cochran Firm. Last night I wrote a new Share at my Care2 Sharebook, but it disappeared when I hit "submit." The fact that I entered the share on a new computer proves that my interference is not caused by the computer. I have not been able to enter a new Share at my Sharebook at Care2 for over a year.
(7) Until tonight, I was able to respond to people in my circles Google+ posts from my Gmail mail box. Now I cannot respond except by going to Google+. I type the response in the box at Gmail, but when I hit "submit," it just sits there. Can that option be restored? (After I wrote this, my ability to reply from my email box resumed.)
(8) Basically, it appears that I am running into the same constraints I had before purchasing the Google Chromebook. I attempted to play videos at YouTube that show how to use Google Chromebook, but I got an error message and was prohibited from seeing them. I wanted to compare the screen and toolbar I see while using Google Chromebook to those on the videos. EVERY other video I played at YouTube played well. The speakers on the Google Chromebook are impressive.
(9) On my initial sign-in, Google Chromebook asked for my Internet connection. There was a question that asked "Allow other users on this network?" I would have chosen "no," but I could not. That was not an active selection. Who are the "other users"?
(10) I used to elect to send emails to numerous people and to my circles of data I posted at Google+, but now it says I selected too many even when I only put one. It used to give an option to send emails to the 277 people I email from Gmail who are not Google+ members. (The denial of this feature began before I got a Chromebook, but I had hoped that using a Chromebook would fix it).

I am going to keep reading the instructions, and I may find some of the questions will be answered by so doing. Thanks in advance for your TEN(10) responses. If you don't know the answer to a question(s), please put the question number(s) and write, "I don't know." That way I will know that you saw the question.

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