Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Go Naked, Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi sent me an email saying, "They're censoring us." I responded thusly:

I know. I have videos I think it may be Atty Gen Holder. Let's get naked. Slavery via the prison industrial complex is the nation's fastest growing industry. Millions more prisoners may be planned via NDAA, the concentration camp bill. Support H.R.3785 before prison investors begin arresting people w/o criminal charges. H.R.3785 is a bill to repeal the provision under NDAA for indefinite military detention without trial. WE'RE GETTING NAKED AND MARCHING IN PARADES TO PROTEST MASS INCARCERATION, ABUSE AND MURDERS OF INMATES, POLICE BRUTALITY AND COVER-UPS  -- Naked demonstrations are in obedience to Isaiah 20:3. God told Isaiah to go naked to expose sin in his country. See "Mary Neal Howls for Dog Justice" at the link above. Thanks.

Blessings from America's Most Censored, Mary Neal

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