Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rev. Edward Pinkney - The People's Pastor for Justice

Merry Christmas! Rev. Pinkney invited a Georgia family with mentally ill inmates to speak to the public on his Blogtalk Radio Show on Christmas Sunday at 5pm EST. While many people in media are too intimidated or sold out to air news about the prison industrial complex, Rev. Pinkney is neither. Listen as we discuss this and other justice issues that have significant impact for Americans and world citizens . The Christmas 2011 show is at the preceding link. Update: The Goolsby family's circumstances improved by February 2012.
2. --- The Rev. Pinkney Show's call in number is 347-994-3644, and taped shows are archived for you to hear online anytime at - Rev. Pinkney is an activist minister after the order of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. He hosts one of Blogtalks Radio's most popular shows precisely because he covers issues that negatively impact people of every race, culture, and nationality: corporate greed and government misdeeds. Rev. Pinkney is the only minister I know about who was arrested for quoting a Bible verse. Learn more about Rev. Pinkney, president of the NAACP in Benton Harbor, Michigan and director of BH BANCO Organization, and his ministry of spreading truth and promoting justice at the BH BANCO website: 
3. --- Information in these seven numbered paragraphs and four links are to introduce Rev. Pinkney to my online friends. Church used to be a place where the community gathered to address issues that impacted daily life in addition to worship our awesome God, who loves justice. Churches were not always country clubs. Ministers did not limit their sermons to the great acts of Jesus Christ, prophets and the apostles who ran the race thousands of years ago. Ministers like Rev. King preached human rights advocacy from the pulpit, because they recognized that as being God's work. Please support Rev. Pinkney financially. He dares to honor his position as a man of God to expose human suffering and give practical help to victims of injustice.
4. --- Some ministers have been recruited by the Government to join Homeland Security Clergy Response Teams and influence their parishioners to cooperate with Martial Law, etc. Even regarding such congressional bills as the National Defense Authorization Act (for concentration camps in America), many ministers do not warn their members about pending legislation that may infringe on individual liberties. Therefore, obtrusive bills that essentially eliminate constitutional protections are passed without Christians knowing and objecting. Perhaps certain ministers made an agreement to say nothing about such congressional bills and allow their associate pastors to say little to nothing in that regard.
5. --- The Bible teaches that we are not to forsake the assembly of saints. But many people have left the Church, not because they lost faith in God, but they temporarily have no church home. Some people are between church homes because of disappointment with their church leadership, and others in the body of Christ are unchurched because they recently relocated to a new community or to a different city. Some Christians are willing and able to give to ministries in addition to paying tithes and offerings within their own churches because they see the value of other ministries and wish to support them. That generousity led to the growth of numerous annointed television ministries. Please listen to some tapes of Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Radio Show, and consider sending offerings to assist his mission. The shows are not church services but news and viewpoints about social and political issues affecting individuals of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups.
6. --- Please send contributions to Rev Pinkney at 1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, MI 49022. I put that address on several of my articles, but the same cyberstalkers who censor my Internet advocacy against mass incarceration, capital punishment, The Cochran Firm fraud, and hypocrisy among decision makers in America also stole Rev. Pinkney's address from the articles. Yesterday I discovered that Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Show web site had an incorrect day listed for his shows: Saturday instead of Sunday. Rev. Pinkney faces opposition from the NAACP over keeping his position as president of the Benton Harbor chapter, which he essentially built. Those issues confirm for me that this is a sincere leader, unlike many who claim to be. The minister's attacks also prove that our radio broadcasts are unique and important in the quest for justice. No, Rev. Pinkney is not among ministers on Homeland Security's Clergy Response Teams, who were trained to "quell dissent" that arises in response to social injustice. Like Rev. King, Rev. Pinkney chooses rather to "quell oppression." Learn more at the website for BANCO (link is above). Use the link to access our Christmas show in paragraph 1 of this article: "WHEN DEMOCRACY BECOMES DISPOSABLE." Listen to other taped shows and tune in to live broadcasts every Sunday to be inspired and motivated by The People's Pastor, his co-host and guests. Justice is God's perfect will.

7. --- Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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