Sunday, July 3, 2016

Facebook Hides Teen in Solitary in Sheriff Joe's Jail 3 yrs

Facebook refuses to allow me to post the following data to the wall of Leonard Moreno's mother, listed as Hernandez Catalaya at Facebook:

"Teenagers are warehoused for years in ‪#‎solitary like Leonard Moreno is now. Len has been tortured while awaiting trial in solitary for three years Sheriff Joe's Maricopa Jail. Such children often die. Remember Kalief Browder? See a film and read an Innocence Project article about him >> Children and mentally ill adults are often tortured for years unless and until they make false confessions in the USA. We cannot help Kalief, who died, but won't you please help Leonard Moreno? >> Hear Len's mother at or call (605)562-0029, code 992.212.650, reference no. 62. Len was diagnosed with ‪#‎ADHD‬ as a small child but now shows signs of ‪#‎schizophrenia and recently tried ‪#‎suicide like Kalief."

A Facebook error message said:
This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems. If you think you are seeing this message in error, please let us know.

I responded:  This message carries three links: 1) the Kalief Browder video, 2) the Innocence Project's article about Kalief Browder, and 3) an interview with the mother of Leonard Moreno, an 18-year-old who has also been imprisoned for three years in solitary, like Kalief was before he committed suicide. Which of the three links do you find offensive, #prison investors?
Prison investors want Americans to do nothing to save youths like Kalief and Leonard while they live, but we may be allowed to publish news about them if they die. If defendants die, prison profits are not threatened if their stories are relayed to the public. That may be why some advocates are willing to grandstand on dead people's coffins but reject pleas to help save people who yet live. I told Leonard Moreno's mother that it is time to speak with an attorney about Facebook preventing advocacy for her son, especially if Moreno's next suicide attempt succeeds or if he is sentenced to life in prison as a result of being coerced to forego his Sixth Amendment right to a public, fair trial by jury with adequate defense provided. That is the purpose of Leonard Moreno being warehoused three years in solitary confinement - to wear him down mentally and force him to plea bargain on the State's weak case against him, just as the legal system tried to do to Kalief over an allegation that he stole a backpack. Can you imagine how much money prison investors cost New Yorkers in Kalief Browder's wrongful imprisonment and for his suicide after release.

Question: Was Leonard Moreno's trial delayed while the child suffered in solitary confinement for three years because the United Nations recommended an end to such harsh punishment against juveniles and the U.S. Supreme Court banned mandatory life sentences for children? The Court's ruling did not help U.S. children if states are allowed to deny speedy trials and simply cage children for years in solitary until they reach adulthood.

I believe that no prison investors should own Internet companies or be government decision makers. In fact, the best thing to do is to make all prison investors Divest or Resign. We implore legislators to introduce a law barring prison investors from serving in government positions as legislators, judges, district attorneys, sheriffs, defense attorneys or Justice Department personnel. That is one way to eliminate mass incarceration and the criminalization of mental illness in America. Another would be to pass H.R.3543.

The H.R.3543 - "Justice Is Not For Sale Act" was introduced in September 2015 by Senator Bernie Sanders and other representatives. CommonDreams reports at the link below that the bill will
~Bar federal, state, and local governments from contracting with private companies starting two years after the bill is passed;
~Reinstate the federal parole system to allow "individualized, risk-based determinations regarding each prisoner and restore fairness in the system;"
~Increase oversight to prevent companies from overcharging inmates and their families for services like banking and telephone calls;
~End the requirement that Immigration and Customs Enforcement maintain a level of 34,000 detention beds; and
~End immigrant family detention. 

H.R.3543 should be amended to add two more provisions: 1) Make the Fair Sentencing Act retroactive; and 2) mandate that no defendant can be denied trial for years while under arrest even if they are influenced to waive their right to a speedy trial, particularly children and mentally ill defendants. There should be a mandated time limit set for prosecutors to present their evidence in court or release the defendants. In Mississippi, two mentally ill, black men were held without trials for 7 and 8 years, respectively. Meanwhile, taxpayers were forced to pay prison fees for the containment of these defendants who were innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.

The "Justice Is Not for Sale Act" already includes a main provision that AIMI members fight for - barring government contracts with private prison companies. Passing H.R.3543 would eliminate the conflicts of interest that many legislators have now regarding the implementation of treatment before tragedies. Some lawmakers are prison investors, and others receive campaign contributions from private prison companies. It should be illegal for lawmakers to financially profit by passing the "tough on crime" laws. Hopefully, some representative will eventually introduce a bill saying that legislators on the federal, state, and local levels must Divest or Resign 

Facebook investors should pressure Mark to sell his prison stocks to help him resist attempts to stifle free speech around prison issues, or the company might face lawsuit - a class action. Millions of people are concerned about this country's human trafficking, especially regarding incarceration of disabled people and children. He should decide whether he really wants to facilitate members' comments about WHATEVER THEY WANT TO USE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO SAY or if he would prefer to retire from Facebook and become a CEO or board director for CCA, like Thurgood Marshall's son did.

Another human rights demand by Mary Neal, a/k/a MaryLovesJustice
email Phone (678)531-0262


franciss1 said...

Mary, Your level of research is phenomenal.I shutter as I process the information that you shared.Have you contacted any human rights org?

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Thank you, franciss1. I just started advocating for Leonard Moreno, and I have not made direct contact with any human or civil rights orgs on his behalf. Generally speaking, I am not impressed with such orgs, based on their 13 years of ignoring my reports about the secret arrest and murder of my 54-year-old brother, Larry Neal, who was a lifelong mentally ill heart patient. I have been told that such organizations take directives from the government to ignore certain cases, because they receive government grants, etc. I have assisted numerous people who suffer through blaring human rights abuses - actual crimes against humanity - who say they sought but received no assistance from large organizations. Grassroots organizations and individual activists are more reliable. Generally, persons become active in the fight for human rights because they are themselves victims of government abuse or negligence on some level, either directly or through a loved one.

I am not an attorney, but most of the people I write about need legal assistance. Sometimes when people's victimization is published, officials or law firms or large human rights organizations come forward to assist them, though not often enough. And for every individual who receives assistance, thousands more might not. That is why I recommend laws such as H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act and H.R.3543 "Justice Is Not for Sale Act," which would make justice less arbitrary.

Please feel free to share the information in any of my articles with persons, organizations, government officials, and media companies who you feel should be interested in the cases presented. The victims and their families would be very grateful for relief from whatever wrong my articles reveal. Since my brother's own murder cover-up is a national secret, I always include contact information for the victims' direct contact. I would not want my advocacy clients to be deprived of help they desperately need because of a reluctance to bring attention to the "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" or "The Cochran Firm Fraud," which are the two circumstances that brought me into the the fight for human rights in America. You can access information for both subjects online by conducting a search for the parenthetical titles.

Thank you for your interest.

MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Take a look, franciss1. Once again, it appears that even my petition to free Mary Neal from censorship is being censored. It appeared blank on my view. I appreciate the hundreds of people who sign for me to have freedom of press and free speech rights in America. The iPetition link is >>

I realize that petitions are regularly attacked and some signatures never get registered on some petitions - my own signature has been rejected numerous times from petitions sponsored by major petition sites. But petitions do help bring awareness to the citizenry about offensive government behavior and alert officials as to how their constituents feel about certain unjust circumstances. Petitions are excellent for rallying people around causes, but might be less useful for getting officials to take appropriate action. For officials already know that to ignore crimes is wrong and to do crimes against its own people, such as censorship, is lawlessness. We already have excellent laws on the books to protect Americans from censorship, but the problem was stated by Dr. Martin Luther King decades ago: "All we ask of America is, 'Be true to what you said on paper.'" Blessings.