Friday, January 9, 2015

Ignoring Decency and the Law

The City of San Francisco is asking the Supreme Court to read an exception into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that Congress didn't write into it: that the ADA does not apply to police encounters. Mentally ill Americans already account for at least 50 percent of the police victims in America, and over half the nation's prisoners are mentally ill to some degree. Apparently, those numbers are intended to rise in San Francisco, where city officials applied to the Supreme Court to ignore the ADA and allow the killing of mentally ill people more liberally. The ACLU objects.

Even if San Francisco police were given the right to ignore ADA, as they apparently desire, that would not excuse the secret arrest (kidnapping) and murder of an American citizen with investigation, inquest, and explanations withheld. What happened to my brother, Larry Neal, is much worse than the disregard of his disabilities, which San Francisco so brazenly requests. Even stripped of the protections under ADA, people in San Francisco would still have their constitutional protections. Larry was treated like the Constitution omitted him. My brother's murder under secret arrest was the total disregard of his humanity as well as his American citizenship. Larry's unrequited murder after 18 days of secret incarceration gave evidence that this nation has forsaken God's laws and man's.

That is why stalkers were assigned to censor me to hide Larry's kidnapping and murder. They know exactly how abhorrent their crime was and that Larry's murder is impossible to explain except by acknowledging their savagery and illegitimacy as government employees and public officials. Larry's kidnapping and murder prove they are exactly like the sadistic Nazis who murdered 300k people who were labeled as being mentally dysfunctional in Germany BEFORE beginning to exterminate minorities (blacks, Jews, homosexuals and dissidents) during the Holocaust. Millions of people were killed in Germany for the same reason that Larry died: Larry was kidnapped and killed simply because he was different, and his difference irritated people who felt they had the right to exterminate him like a fly at a picnic.

Although decision makers feel no remorse for their crime, they recognize that most people still think of kidnapping and murder as being morally wrong and criminal. Therefore, exactly like Nazi Germany, they employ censorship to limit disclosure. Because of my persistence, you know about the wrongful death of Larry Neal by reading my articles. Hundreds of thousands of people in America and in foreign countries also know, including media companies, politicians, human and civil rights organizations. 

Your quiet acceptance of Larry's kidnapping and murder emboldened them to pass laws that made arrests without criminal charges legal under NDAA, with trials denied. Even assassinations of Americans under those conditions were legalized. Don't you hope that nobody in officialdom ever sees you as a fly at their picnic?

We should help the ACLU continue its fight against San Francisco receiving the right to disregard the ADA. Donate at this link:

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Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

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