Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sound Effects and Commercials Overlaying Radio Shows

Did you listen to the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" show on BlogTalkRadio Monday night, April 28? When I listened to it, there was a loud siren in the background on the second part of the show. When we taped that show, I don't think there was a siren sound in my area or in the areas of my guests. Creepy stuff like that - adding sound effects to my tapes - is so juvenile. I wish they'd hire stalkers over age 25, don't you? We were discussing the need for better police training and accountability with prisoner activist Nancy Lockhart and organizational psychologist Dr. Jean Kennedy. I don't think I would have forgotten the intrusive siren if it had happened.

I thought at first it was a sound effect that only I could hear, but it seems to still be on the tape. Sometimes, commercials are superimposed over our conversations. Again, I don't know if that only happens when I playback or if other people hear them, too. Little skips also appear in the tapes - just enough to take out a single word or two. For instance, if I say "black man," the skip will appear at the word "black." I will start writing comments in the field after taping shows to tell you the omitted words, OK?

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Mary Neal

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