Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To ADM Michael S. Rogers and NSA

Admiral Michael S. Rogers

To Admiral Rogers and successor, please instruct the cyberwar security force that it is ridiculous to suppress information about incidents that have already been published by numerous mainstream media companies and respected independent news organizations. Last night I had to fight to publish "Houdini Suicides by Black Suspects" in my "Human Rights for Prisoners March" blog. People throughout the world already know about the numerous young black men who were killed in police cars after having been searched and handcuffed by police officers and about the Denver man who police killed for "attacking police" after "wiggling out of his handcuffs."

I am a Georgia resident who has no access to top secret government information. The overwhelming majority of my articles re-publish incidents that are in the public domain and already available online. Therefore, it seems wasteful to spend taxpayers' money to censor my reports. The only two reports that I make that are not already in the mainstream are (1) the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, whose kidnapping and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail is treated like a national secret and protected by an elaborate government conspiracy, and (2) The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm's fraud against African Americans. I believe it is morally wrong and a violation of the Code of Professional Responsibility for government entities and major corporations to use a private law firm to prevent due process of law to African Americans or any people. Therefore, I expose the lawsuits against that law firm by former clients and attorneys who discovered its racism and fraud.

The five deaths of black men in custody, four of which were called "suicides," discussed in "Houdini Suicides by Black Suspects" were accompanied by links to these news sources: NewsOne, NBC, Daily Kos, Russia Today, and Denver Post. What purpose could be served by censoring the deaths if mainstream news and respected independent news companies already carried the stories to the ends of the earth via television broadcasts and the Internet?

The International Business Times reported, "The National Defense Authorization Bill 2012, unanimously backed by the Senate and passed in the House of Representatives Thursday, contains some language that allows the Pentagon to effectively wage a cyberwar on any domestic enemies of the state. The bill is a serious violation of First Amendment human and civil rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the legislation could potentially hinder . . . whistleblowers in independent news media from exposing corruption from within the government."

I assure you that my articles are not published in the spirit of enmity with the State. I pray for God to bless America with justice for all. I instruct my readers to contact their representatives about situations that cause them concern, especially on behalf of the incarcerated mentally ill. As you know, numerous judges and elected officials are also concerned about the plight of America's mentally ill people like my brother Larry was. In fact, U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Karlton in Sacramento, recently ruled that California's treatment of mentally ill inmates violates constitutional safeguards against cruel and unusual punishment through excessive use of pepper spray and isolation. Associated Press recently published reports about Jerome Murdough, a mentally ill homeless veteran who was baked to death while in custody on Riker's Island. It is not a violation of national interest to report crimes against and the negligence of our most vulnerable citizens, Admiral. It is a community service to expose and oppose crimes against humanity.

If the cyberstalkers who censor me were not ordered to do so by the National Security Agency (NSA), then I ask that you please determine what entity monitors my Internet input 24 hours a day and censors me. Who is engaged in a cyberwar against Mary Neal? Is it the private prison companies? Is it The Cochran Firm? I know that you have the ability to investigate and stop my cyberstalkers, and you should. I believe in peaceful resolution of the problems facing our country and promote this by informing the public about challenges and asking Americans to petition their elected and appointed officials about perceived problems. 

Freedom of expression is my human and civil right, and I would appreciate it if NSA would help protect my First Amendment rights. The stalkers even prevented my communication with the Office of Inspector General over the United States Department of Justice to stop me from asking him to investigate the USDOJ's role in my mentally ill brother's secret death in a jail that was operating under the direct supervision of the USDOJ after lawsuit by the USA. This is wrong, and Internet censorship should be stopped when it has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism or international politics. How America treats its mentally ill citizens is a domestic issue, and I am happy to report that many elected and appointed officials, including judges and U.S. representatives, as well as voters are committed to improvement. 

As you know, racism is also a persistent problem in the United States justice system. The article that cyberstalkers interfered with my publishing last night is repeated below:

Contortionists with UniverSoul Circus

Tonight we will discuss black men with Houdini powers at 9pm EDT, call (818) 572-2947.
The recording will be archived at Blogtalkradio for future listening at any time.

Numerous black suspects allegedly committed suicide or attacked police (same result) after having been searched by veteran police officers and handcuffed behind their backs. They were somehow able to hide a weapon from the officers who searched them (even if they were searched twice). Several black men allegedly did body contortions that Houdini would have envied to retrieve hidden pistols and shoot themselves while they were handcuffed behind their backs.

Black crime suspects in Louisiana attributed Houdini powers

Black crime suspects in Houston attributed Houdini powers

Black crime suspects in Durham, NC attributed Houdini powers

Black crime suspects in Arkansas attributed Houdini powers

Black crime suspects in Denver attributed Houdini powers

Police admit having shot a Denver suspect in the police car, but only after the handcuffed man "wiggled out of his handcuffs" and attacked the police officer who was driving the car, according to the Denver Post

Black men have a reputation for being good athletes. Quite a few have won acclaim on basketball courts, football fields, and running track. Some gained notoriety in golf and tennis. Now black men have distinguished themselves as contortionists and escape artists like Houdini did, only they did not live to read the headlines.
Thank you for participating in the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet to demand respect for all people.

Human Rights for Prisoners March
Blogtalkradio - Monday nights at 9pm PST
Mary Neal, director

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MaryLovesJustice Neal said...

Admiral Rogers, please have all NSA agents and contractors who own private prison stock to divest. We understand that some agents have misused intelligence capabilities to do things without your knowledge and approval, such as keep tabs on their spouses and other romantic interests. Naturally, prison investors want their stocks to grow in value, and they may use their positions with NSA to prevent advocacy against imprisoning mentally ill people and African Americans. Give them two months to divest themselves of prison stock, then fire the remaining prison investors. That way, the rogue agents may keep their hands off my articles and emails.

I give you permission to watch when I go to Facebook to log on. You will see that an agent always logs on with me. I filmed it for you, also, along with more more proof of censorship. Thanks for your attention to this persistent problem.

Mary Neal