Monday, December 3, 2012

Koffietime Tweets re Tuskegee Experiments, etc.

Tweets from my @koffietime account at Twitter regarding my quest to expose and oppose corruption. Please use the links to the PETITION: PROSECUTE TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT MURDERERS at to support justice. Thanks in advance!


I quoted you in this article: PROSECUTE TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT MURDERERS . Thanks for yo reporting!
I am a human rights activist because I told the Lord Jesus, "I'll Do Anything for You!" Love God by loving people!
Please issue warrants for TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT MURDERERS. See the petition thank you, justices! BlessU
For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women, there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist. Luke 7:28 SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER
Pls prosecute the Tuskegee Experiment Murderers Put the elderly Nazis in prison like Nazi war criminals.
Prosecute Tuskegee Experiment Murderers
Ain't it the truth! I use my time to criticize pharaohs; some may improve. See an article: "My Uncle Lee"
It's amazing. Each time I come to to welcome new followers, I have fewer, not more, than before! These cyberstalkers steal 'em!
Notice: I'm not a journalist. I'm a litigant. Denied justice in court re I put it B4 the court of public opinion
Some of the votes against ending DP were actually votes against substituting execution w/ the "other" dp
Welcome American dogs have more advocates and respected rights than many citizens do. Visit DogJustice
Start a new tradition. Pardon prisoners for Thanksgiving instead of turkeys. Pardon Lynne Stewart and Mumia.
Former employee:"CNN is paid by state regimes, some w/ horrific human rights records. to air content disguised as news"
MaryLovesJustice @ "Global Breaking News" exposing and opposing crimes against humanity in USA
Sell greeting cards at the P.O., and have some locales open at noon and remain open until 9pm.
FBI raids a home and opens fire on unarmed black family “They tried to kill my daughter,” says Hughley.
God blessed George Allen, a mentally ill man, to go to lunch w/ his mom after 30 years of wrongful incarceration in MO
Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body. (Hebrews 13:3)
Three dead in double murder/suicide in CA senior home. Ignoring signs of mental illness risks community safety
My password was in the address book burglars stole 8/11/12. I elected to change it, but didn't get an email.Please send it.Thx
DNA test frees mentally ill black man on Missouri's death row Another case for post-conviction DNA tests
Today is Mama's 90th birthday. LIKE our page to help other Larry Neals - ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL
OBABA IS COMING AFTER YOUR 401Ks and RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS Call (712)432-0900 Code 925998# 9pm ET
Add your comments about systemic racism in America to the promo for a PressTV documentary at YouTube
Verdict is a victory. Govt wanted convictions on heavier charges-Obstruction-and serious jail time.
I'll be on Michael Slate show at 1 PM east coast time discussing the trial.
Was it CoIntelPro, Bill? Here's the info they censor & terrorize me to prevent disclosure abt
Mom Gets Help re Son's Lynching Gregory Johnson, a black sophomore in an all white dorm @ San Jose Univ ...
They do worse than adultery like the murder The Cochran Firm hid for Memphis Shelby Co Jail Werewolf Attack
You know that murder The Cochran Firm hid for Memphis Shelby Co Jail? I was supposed to be on a movie ...
You know that murder The Cochran Firm hid for Memphis Shelby Co Jail? I was supposed to be on a movie ...
re systemic racism in USA, I was interviewed re the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal a promo
re systemic racism in USA, I was interviewed re the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal a promo
We used to have a dog, but I never will again. They remind me of DOG JUSTICE that many people don't have
Our cat curls up behind the computer as I type -on the kitchen table! Here's how Sonny looks and Ziggy's our gray tabby
Welcome ! Thanks, See DogJustice blog Help decriminalize mental illness.

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